Apartment (Outside)

Apartment (Outside)

So as I’ve mentioned before on the LiC Facebook Page (Check it out and Like it if you haven’t!), I’ve been looking to better define things for the webcomic.  And while I of course want to better define and develop the cast, I was also talking about better developing the world of LiC.  So far, I like to think I’ve done a fair job of laying out locations and giving the scenes some backgrounds and settings.  But I feel that I could do better.

So as my two primary character set up their new home in a new location, I decided to take the opportunity to developed that home and location.  So the last few weeks I’ve been creating background, laying out the apartment and so on.  Part of this will help my visualize things when I draw out the comic, and part of it might help me speed up the process of the comic.  You see, I’ve been creating backgrounds that I will be able to simply add them to the comic . This will help the comic retain a sense of consistency, and help me avoid having to re-draw the background for every strip.  Below I’ve posted the new Apartment (inside and outside) as well as the floor plan for the new apartment.  Things might change as I go forward, and I still have to create the scenes with furniture and also the bedrooms and bathroom and kitchen, but for the foreseeable future, this is how the apartment will look.

Apartment (Inside) - Entrance

Apartment (Inside) – Entrance

Apartment (Inside) - Living Room

Apartment (Inside) – Living Room

Apartment Floorplan - Unfurnished

Apartment Floorplan – Unfurnished

Apartment Floor Plan - Furnished

Apartment Floor Plan – Furnished