Hey gang,

So as many of you have noted, and many have e-mailed or tweeted me, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t updated.  The problem has been due to a multitude of problems.  First, my computer was having a multitude of problems.  First the screen started to glitch, then the computer wouldn’t load or shut down, then the programs (in particular photoshop) wouldn’t work.  I’ve had to take my computer to the Apple Store multiple times during the last couple of months to try and get it fixed, and they’ve ended up having to take the computer and send it to their main repair center to execute said repairs.  But they kept missing stuff… or making it worse… or something. I don’t know.

Meanwhile, my backup computer (the older one that I got way back in 2002), which I used in the event the newer one is having problems, made the mistake of trying to download the latest operating system.  Which caused the entire thing to have a nervous breakdown.  It would not work in any way, shape or form.  So I had to take that one to the Apple store too, and they had to wipe everything off it, and restore it to factory setting.  Which mean I could not longer use it for graphic design work, because I coul it up, and the old Operating system could not handle the latest version of Adobe that I have (the old version that was on it belonged to a friend who longer has it himself). So that computer is no longer my back-up emergency computer for work.

In any case, they recently returned my newer computer me, and I’m HOPING it’ll work again.

Other issues meanwhile that have popped up is that my regular job has been having me work extended hours, and double shifts due to a decrease of employees.  This means better money, but as I’m at times working from 9 am until 2 am, I don’t have much time to work on my comic.

Then there was the fact that my brother and his family recently moved back to the East Coast from California, while at the same time, having a baby.  Congrats by the way to them and the birth of my second nephew.  I’d say his name and the details, but for their privacy, I’m sure you’ll understand, and we shall just call him Baby Bueno Diaz.  But during the month leading up to both the birth and move, I was helping them out during my days off with packing and babysitting the elder nephew.  And anyone who has ever had to take care of a 4 year old during summer vacation, you know how exhausting that can be.

I will be working on getting the comic back on track again, but I may end up altering the approach.  I may switch to black and white strips instead of color for a time, and as mentioned before I will no longer trying to match the strip with current events (i.e. matching up holidays and seasons with reality).

Thanks for you patience and see you soon.