The Comic

Lost in Confusion (2.0) is the various misadventures of Luc DaCosta, a young gay graphic designer, and his group of twenty-something young adults as they step out of their familiar safety nets of college, and start to truly enter the real world.  Whether its finishing grad school, trying to find work, dealing with stupid people, falling in and out of love or just trying to keep their pets from killing the general population, our heroes push forth trying to figure out their lives, all the while making fun of just about everything and everyone along the way.

The Guy behind the Comic

Alain M. Diaz, is a nerd, and pretty dang proud of it.  Movies, TV and Comic (Particularly comics)… you name it, he’s probably loves it.  An obvious comic fan since he was old enough to read, his dream has always been to be a comic book artist and graphic designer.  So of course, upon reaching college, he set his sights on pursuing his dream.  It was during his last two years of college at the University of Nebraska in Omaha that he started developing his web-comic, entitled “Lost in Confusion”.  Although this was initially done for a school project, Alain found he really enjoyed the working on the comic.

But alas, Lost in Confusion’s first attempt at life was not meant to be, for Alain was accepted into the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, and a grad student’s course load did not allow young Mr. Diaz the opportunity to maintain a webcomic on a regular basis.

That brings us today.  Having graduated AAU with a MFA in Illustration, Alain steps boldly into the future.  And while he works diligently on producing his new graphic novel series “The Cry of Coyote“, he’s also decided to resurrected his old web-comic, Lost in Confusion.  Older, wiser and a bit better at drawing, Alain hopes to maybe make a name for himself.  Alain likes comics, cartoons, eating food and plotting.  Lots of plotting.

You can find his various art works at: