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Jan 6LiC 228: Packing Your Emotional Baggage
Jan 10LiC 229: The Last Box
Jan 17LiC 230: Pancake Pacification
Jan 20LiC 231: Hot For Teacher
Jan 24LiC 232: Move On
Jan 28LiC 233: Heroes in a… HOLY CRAP!
Feb 1LiC 234: Cue the Laugh Track
Feb 4LiC 235: Smells of the Past
Feb 7LiC 236: Class Act
Feb 12LiC 237: Say His Name!
Feb 17LiC 238: Going Up
Mar 3LiC 239: Booze-Be-Gone
Mar 7LiC 240: Always have a Fallback Plan
Mar 11LiC 241: Hearing Things
May 16LiC 242: Smelling Things
May 19LiC 243: Ranting Roomies
May 23LiC 244: The Anus Knows
May 26LiC 245: It really brings out their eyes too
May 30LiC 246: But why is the penguin watching too?
Jun 4LiC 247: Totally Normal
Jun 7LiC 248: The Climax is the Best Part
Jun 13LiC 249: The Pride Land Pt.1
Jun 16LiC 250: The Pride Land Pt.2
Jun 20LiC 251: The Pride Land Pt.3
Jun 24LiC 252: The Pride Land Pt.4
Jun 30LiC 253: The Pride Land Pt.5
Jul 5LiC 254: The Pride Land Pt.6
Jul 11LiC 255: The Pride Land Pt.7
Jul 14LiC 256: Be vewy quiet… I’m hunting idiots
Jul 19LiC 257: He’ll be just as a drunk as Tony was
Jul 23LiC 258: The “C” in “OCD” stands for “Cookie”
Jul 28LiC 259: No Con for You!
Aug 2LiC 260: Frick
Aug 8LiC 261: I am Groot
Aug 13LiC 262: Your Life, Your Time… To DIE
Aug 28LiC 263: Belated
Sep 10LiC 264: Challenge Accepted
Sep 15LiC 265: Uncomfortable Conversations
Sep 24LiC 266: Not the Workout He Wanted
Oct 29LiC 267: The Ties that Bind
Oct 31LiC 268: A Flurry of Elsas