“Luc” DaCoasta

A cynical wit, short-attention span and a very dark sense of humor, Luc is a hopeful graphic artist. Despite his own many geeky traits, Luc often finds himself to be the voice of reason.


Alison Gates

Highly intelligent, but lacking any sort of common sense, Ali is Luc’s longest friend and non-sexual life partner.  When she’s not thinking about dating or drama she’s studying law.  She recently moved to S.F.

Barbara Watson

Big boobs, red hair, and little regard for trivial things like ethics or the law, Babs is the group’s wild card.  She currently works as a waitress and is dating the mysteriously unseen Tad.


Freddy Crane

Freddy is the sort of fellow who doesn’t seem to give a damn, but turns out to be a really good guy.  Although highly (and disturbingly) creative, Freddy suffers from extreme shyness around women, a habit he’s trying hard to break.


Kelly Niles

Kelly is that person who no one really likes, but always seems to be involved in the group.  Shrill and judgmental, she seems to take odd pleasure in insulting people.  She’s notorious for her sex life, which even resulted in a rejected reality TV pilot.


Carter Nolan

Stylish and witty, Carter is the guy that knows everyone and also where the best parties will be.  He and Luc once shared a less than platonic relationship, which has long since settled into a regular friendship.

Alfred the Penguin

Alfred is a penguin.  What else can you say about him?  Well, okay, there is a very real possibility that he’s psychotic and has a drinking problem.

 More to Come…