Welcome new friends to a not exactly all-new webcomic, “Lost in Confusion”.  For those few folks out there who remember, a few years ago, I, your humble artist, started up a webcomic by this name.  Alas, I did this at a point where I was entering Grad School, and the work loads for a major art school kinda took away attention from my little webcomic.  So as was necessary at the time, the original LiC shutdown.

But now that I’ve graduated from college, and while I seek out more regularly professional work in this brave new non-grad world, I’ve thought it a good time to bring LiC back.  But instead of using the old stuff again (which I’m a bit embarrassed by after so many years, tee-hee), I’ve opted to reboot things with new art, new stories, new characters and a new look at the world.  But for those few people who were around for the original comic, expect the same dark humor and snark as before.

Now for those curious, I’m still new to using WordPress as a web site program, hence the simplicity of things around here.  But I’m playing around it it, so with any luck, it will look a bit prettier in the coming days. 😉

If you happen to enjoy my work (and I really hope that you do, pwease >Puppy dog eyes<), please feel free to check out my professional website over at amdiazart.com.

Welcome and enjoy,

AM Diaz